I’m an autistic, intellectualist, progressive liberal who grew up in a crack house under the rule of an abusive older sibling for the first 19 years of his life. As a result of this I’ve learned not to care about friendship, love or being an all-around nice person. I love to slam old age idiocy and the outdated logic of conservatives. I thrive on making people who have stupid and illogical ideologies feel like total shit about themselves and feed off there misery. When gun owners shoot themselves or their loved ones due to their illogical love for killing tools I laugh my ass off. When Christians lose their business because of their closed minded religious nonsense I celebrate it.

And don’t worry…I also like making fun of liberals who bitch about insignificant shit and have stupid beliefs of there own. There are three types of people: Idiots, Assholes and Freaks. Everyone is guilty of heaving beliefs that are self destructive or hinders society in some way. Which group do you belong too?

I critique Anime, Manga, Video Games and Live Action Movies as a means of rebelling against mainstream social acceptance. But when I’m not doing any of that I enjoy watching stupid people get killed and pissing off conservatives with my superior logic. I reserve the right to say “nigger” because I find the hypocritical usage of the word idiotic. If it offends you don’t say it yourself! I see the Second Amendment and Religious Freedom to be two of the most damaging things to America (and to the entire world) and feel that as long as it has these two things America well NEVER be the “Best Country in the World”.

I also don’t give a fuck about the status of our veterans. Our military doesn’t fight to protect us. They fight to protect our logically flawed ass constitution that enables stupidity and murder to continue. I’m not denying that they play an important role. But I well NOT kiss their asses. If there behaving idiotically or are tarnishing the US name overseas then I well disrespect them to my hearts content. Jar heads are not immune to criticism just because they kill foreigners in the name of freedumb.


Q: Please tell me you’re a Troll! 

Nope. Everything I post are honest opinions I share offline as well. Regardless of what social consequences befall me. I have been called out, ridiculed and even assaulted by but hurt assholes who are too sensitive to have their stupid asinine behaviors corrected. But I carry brass knuckles and knives on me wherever I go in case speaking my mind and addressing people’s idiocy gets me in a bind. I’m a practitioner of muay thai and knife fighting so I’m quite capable of defending myself should the need arise.

Q: Would you say you’re unable to form a rational argument being autistic? 

Many geniuses throughout history were autistic. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg, Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin were all on the spectrum. I’m also a high school grade and am currently studying creative writing, philosophy and social sciences. My diagnosis is irrelevant. Plus “autism” actually isn’t the best word for it. A more appropriate term would be low spectrum Asperger’s (ass-burgers :P). If your ignorant of the terms here is some reading. Educate yourself.

Q: I’m guessing you’re a virgin?  

No, but you’ll probably think my sex doesn’t count cause their prostitutes.

Q: Why are you so raciest?

I’m not. I love nice and intelligent African Americans as well as nice and intelligent people of every other ethnicity. I just don’t like dumb ass ghetto street filth who puff weed and think flaunting their guns and their underpants is “fly”. My Nigger Shirt is merely a means of pissing off the hypocritical blacks who love to say the word among other blacks yet get all pissy and violent when a white person says it.

Q: If you hate America so much why doesn’t your weeaboo ass leave and go live in japan?

In which video/post did the words “I hate America” come out my mouth. I don’t hate America. America is a great place. I’m just not a blind patriot who ignores it’s many, many flaws. Besides, I don’t have the money, patience or confidence to learn Japanese. Not to mention my SSI benefits doesn’t carry between nations. Sorry but you blind patriotic ass mother fuckers are stuck with my liberal ass.  I love it when people use this argument on me though. It’s the perfect example of American cowardice and stupidity and shows a sheer unyielding will to not change for the better. It’s basic conservative logic “screw the accomplishments of other countries, ours – with its highest gun crime, obesity rate, shitty education and complete disregard for the democracy of other nations – is the best country in the world.” Fuck off. Theirs no such thing as a “best” country. You’re all shit.

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